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Our Mission

Why is the specialized programming of The Wishes Foundation important in underserved populations?

The science behind The Wishes Foundation includes the importance of imaginative play and role models in child development. Programming within The Wishes Foundation specializes in a therapeutic, active play that encourages imaginative play over passive toys and screens that require limited imagination. This interactive programming provides a moment of distraction and support to alleviate the stress of hospitalization, environment, or lack of normal playtime for children and their families to make for a more positive experience. In addition, our famous fairytale characters serve as important role models for children to help shape how they behave in school, relationships, or when making difficult decisions. Specialized character programming can make up for a lack of specialized community services, and our cast and crew alike strive to provide a sense of empowerment for children in pediatric hospitals, special needs schools, and social service institutions.

In our geographical area of Nashville, Tennessee, we are doing our part to serve these populations in our own community. With a total of 13 hospitals in Davidson County, families are more often traveling to Nashville to receive treatment for illness. Additionally, with the growth of Nashville as a major city in the US, we have seen the arrival of countless community shelters and special needs schools. The Wishes Foundation strives to serve this community as completely as possible. 

If you are close to an organization that would love a visit from The Wishes Foundation, please contact us

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