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Alice uses a lot of neutral shades on her eyes. She usually has a creamy color on her lid and a darker brown in the crease. Sometimes, she incorporates silver or blue shades. Alice has lots of rosy blush and a light pink lipstick. She doesn't wear eyeliner, but she wears a lot of mascara!


Anna has a very neutral makeup look. She uses a pale matte shade on her lid and a chocolate brown matte shade in her crease. She has very rosy cheeks from being out in the snow and a neutral lip.


Ariel uses shimmery coral tones on her eyelids! She has a yellow color as a base, and she uses an orange on the outer corner and crease. She has a bright coral blush, and she uses either red or coral lipstick. Remember to color your eyebrows auburn!


Aurora uses neutral pink tones on her eyelids. The Naked 3 Palette is great for her look. She has a pale, creamy pink shade as a base, a shimmery white in the inner corner, and a dark matte brown in her crease. Of course, use lots of pink blush and a mauve lipstick.


Belle has a golden makeup look. She uses a shimmery gold on her eyelids, with a deep brown in the crease. She uses lots of bronzer and blush. Belle has big lashes, very defined eyebrows, and a deep pink or berry lipstick.


Cinderella uses light, dusty blue eyeshadow all over her lid, with a grey color in the crease. She has big eyelashes and a pink lip. 


Elena has a deep brown smokey eye with very defined eyebrows. She uses eyeliner on her upper lash line. She uses a lot of bronzer, rosy blush, and a bright red lipstick. 


Elsa has the most glamorous makeup of all the princesses! She has shimmery purple eyeshadow and big eyelashes. Elsa also has rosy pink blush, white highlight or glitter on her cheeks, and a deep berry lip.


Jasmine has a gorgeous brown smokey eye. She uses a gold eyeshadow for a base, and then layers shades of brown in the crease for definition. Jasmine also uses a lot of bronzer. She has a gorgeous wing, defined brows, and a bright red lipstick.


Merida uses very minimal makeup. Make sure to color your eyebrows orange! She has a light, neutral matte brown on her lid. She also uses a lot of rosy blush and a neutral lip. Feel free to draw on some freckles as well!


Moana rocks the "no makeup makeup" look. Her main feature is her dark, defined brows. She uses some light brown shades on her lids, with some bronzer on her cheeks for a sunkissed look. She has a neutral reddish pink lip.


Rapunzel uses a combination of pink and grey tones on her eyes. She has very rosy cheeks, a bubble gum pink lip, and big eyelashes. Make sure to transform your eyebrows to blonde!

Snow White

Snow White has a light brown smokey eye, a slight winged eyeliner, and big lashes. Her most defining features, though, are her rosy pink cheeks and her apple red lips! Make sure to use lip liner so that your lipstick is sharp and defined. Also remember to color your brows black!


Tink has a light grey eyeshadow with some brown tones in the crease. She uses big lashes, lots of blush, and a pink or red lipstick. And don't forget...glitter everywhere!

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